Algo Trading

Course Fee : Rs. 7500 /-
Course Duration : 6 Months

Algo Trading is an automated trading method so that your emotions will not disturb the trade. Most of the traders fail due to a lack of proper emotional control and worrying about loss.

In simple ways, if you wish to buy 100 shares of reliance – You can automate the process and set limits to reliance as the cross above 2300 and Nifty cross above 15600, and exit at 2% profit or 1% stop loss.

You can simply place this order with the above condition. When this condition meets, then only the trade will take place and it allows entry and exits automatically. You can place the order any time and even after the market time. You don’t even have to monitor the system.

In manual trade, we place orders with many conditions like Macd cross over or Moving average cross over and all these conditions we can simply do with Algo trading 

About Course

Giving Proper training with example videos about different types of trading methods, The most popular Algo Trading training set is as follows,